Group dynamics

Last night we went to Club Topaz. We spent a lot of time wandering around and chatting briefly with various people of little interest or people we had played with before, such as Trevor & Kathleen from just the night before who seem to be on the prowl for someone new. Kane was very interested in Jo and they spent a lot of time talking and kissing but Jo didn’t really want to play with him.

I was standing at a table alone while Jo went to get a snack and Ivy came up to talk to me. We knew her from Club Pyrite but we hadn’t really talked much there. I remember her being a very enthusiastic kisser in a game of spin the bottle but that and a few very short exchanges of pleasantries were about all the interactions we had had before. She is nice looking but quite a bit younger than me. And since she doesn’t usually have a partner at the parties I didn’t see much future in pursuing her. But she was expressing interest in me and Jo was spending a lot of time with Kane so maybe it was time to get to know her better.

We talked a long time. We talked about how she got into the lifestyle just a couple years ago, our ex-spouses, and what we liked to do at parties. Except for the age difference, which she didn’t seem to be concerned about, we are a pretty good match. We danced together, kissed, and fondled. All the while Jo was doing pretty much the same thing with Kane. I needed to use the bathroom and wanted to talk with Jo before suggested to Ivy that we go into the play area.

When I got back from the bathroom neither Jo nor Ivy were in sight and as looked around I found Jo first. I went to talk to her and she was in a group with Trevor & Kathleen, Jack & Danielle, and two other couples that we had some interest in that night but hadn’t talk to at all. It turned out the group was getting ready to go into the play area together and Jo and I were invited. Okay. It was sort of a surprise to us, but we definitely like two of the couple and had an interest in the other two, so we decided to join them.

I saw Ivy off in the distance as Jo and I disappeared into the play area. But I didn’t have time to explain to her that I was disappearing even though I was very interested in her and appreciated all the time she had invested in getting to know me.

We found a play area big enough for all five couples and Jo and I weren’t quite sure what the plan was from there. Everyone took off their clothes and Jo and I went off to one side with each other. Kathleen saw this and started directing. She put Jack with Jo, and me on the other side of Kathleen from Jo. One of the guys and one of the women I didn’t know was with Kathleen. I joined in with the touching of Kathleen’s breasts as the other woman performed oral sex and used a vibrator on her and the guy kissed Kathleen’s breasts as well. I gradually gave more and more attention to the other woman but she was concentrating on Kathleen and wasn’t giving me much back in return. I wasn’t really sure she wanted my attention and started giving attention to the other woman I didn’t know who was with her husband. She reciprocated for a while but as things got more and more intimate she excused herself and she and her husband left the room for a while.

The woman with Kathleen was finishing up and her husband was getting ready to have sex with Kathleen. By this time Jack and Jo were having sex and it provided a stimulating background to seeing Kathleen having sex with the other guy. And over near the door I saw Ivy with the young guy who told us “it only takes one couple or even one person to make the difference“ a couple weeks ago.

The woman moved to me and we took turns performing oral sex on each other then I put on a condom and had sex with her. The other couple returned to the room next to us and had sex on the bed next to us. After Jo and Jack finished up Jo visited Mick & Michelle who were close by and kissed with them for a while as I finished up with my partner.

As I lay down beside my partner she smiled, told me her name and laughed. Her name was Madeline. She, as did I, thought it was funny to be exchanging names after you had sex with someone. But that is the way it is sometimes in groups. Not everyone knows everyone else but the group dynamic is that you end up with someone you haven’t been introduced to yet. I prefer to have a emotional connection with someone but sometimes you can have a great time when you don’t make the connection first.

After a while Madeline excused herself and Jo moved from being with Mick & Michelle to being with me. We had sex with each other, cuddled for a while, and went home.

The next day I sent a message to Ivy and explained what happened. That I was interested in her but on the spur of the moment Jo and I got invited with the group. She said she understood that you have to go with the flow. And told me she had a good time at the party. The guy had asked her if she wanted him to give her oral sex and so they went into the play area for that and after many minutes of oral sex they had intercourse together which she enjoyed.

I was okay with the way things went but Jo wasn’t all that happy. She didn’t like being treated as “an interchangeable female”. She had a nice time with Jack but the group dynamic sort of turned her off. We have some busy weekends ahead of us and probably will be taking a short break from the sex club scene.