Small house/birthday party

Last night Jo and I went to an interesting house party. Interesting in that it wasn’t really what I think of a sex party. It was more of a party where it was okay to have sex. The house was a little small to have much of a party. There was one bedroom that was okay and another bedroom that was small and had a lot of stuff in it that took up most of the room. The living room, dining room, and kitchen were the socialization area and wasn’t really conducive to being a play area.

We just barely knew about half of the people there and so we, with the permission of the hosts, invited two other couples we knew. Trevor & Kathleen and Jack & Danielle. Jack and & Danielle weren’t able to attend but Trevor and Kathleen made it.

We socialized with everyone for a couple hours. It was a birthday party and the “birthday boy” was put in a chair and many of the women came up to him, kissed him, and touched him in various ways. His girlfriend who arranged the surprise party is experienced in the lifestyle but it appeared to me he wasn’t entirely comfortable with this sort of behavior.

After the birthday boy chair stuff Jo and Trevor started doing a lot of kissing. The Kathleen and I kind of drifted off to the edge of the group, did some touching and kissing, and then signaled to Jo and Trevor we were going to the bedroom. Jo and Trevor joined us. It was very hot and even with the window open it was uncomfortable. The bed was too narrow for all four of us and it just wasn’t the best environment.

Jo and Trevor seemed to have a pretty good time but things just weren’t working for me. After Jo and Trevor were finished I played with Jo then collapsed in a puddle of sweat. We cuddled for a while, put on our clothes, said good-bye to everyone, and left about midnight.

It was nice enough but we probably wouldn’t go back until after they complete the remodeling they plan to do to make it into a place almost specifically intended for sex parties.