Every party is different

Yesterday afternoon we reviewed the RSVP list to see who was going. There didn’t appear to be anyone that we were particularly interested in playing with. But things change. And there are newbies that don’t show up on the “who’s going” list too. So even though we didn’t have very high hopes we arrived about 7:00 PM and scouted out the people already there and watched as others arrived. We talked with friends and got to know some other people. There still weren’t any good matches for us.

There was an advantage to one of the themes of this party that turned out well for us once before. It was a “Key Party” but not in the original swinger sense of the phrase. There was a twist to it. You selected a color coded key when you went through the buffet line for dinner. You selected the color key that matched your interest.

One color was for “Full Swap”, a second for “Soft Swap”, and a third was for “Monogamous/Just Exploring”. Then you sit at a table that matches your color coded key. That helps a bunch. You can eliminate the other people that aren’t interested in the same things as you are. The one other time we did this we ended up with two couples that we probably wouldn’t have approached had we not been seated with them at the “Full Swap” table. We ended up playing with one of the couples and had a nice time.

This time we had a nice conversation with two other couples. But there wasn’t that good of a physical match. I had enough interest in one of the woman but Jo didn’t see anything that interesting for her anywhere.  Not at the table and not anyone at the party. And there were probably 75 or more people there. She suggested we just go home after dinner. I suggested we stay for a while. I hadn’t had a massage for a long time and since Gretchen, the licensed masseuse was working tonight I suggested I get a massage while Jo did some dancing.

I have had many long pleasant conversations with Gretchen and have had a sexual interest in her for years too so it would be a chance to catch up on things with her. There is no sex when you pay the for massage and everyone knew it was just going to be a massage and friendly conversation. She found lumpy muscles in my back I didn’t know I had until she massaged them and between the painful rubs with her elbows and deep presses of her palms I got caught up on things with her kids, husband, and boyfriend and shared things with her about my divorce, my kids, and how great things were with Jo.

Jo and I then went into the play area and found there was no one on bed monitor duty. It had been scheduled for someone but they weren’t there. There was about 15 minutes left in the shift so we did a quick tour of the play area to make sure everything was as it should be then settled into the bed at the entrance. We watched people come in and chatted a bit until our relief arrived.

We did another tour to see where we would settle to play with each other and decided the mirror room was best. There was another couple in there but we weren’t particularly interested in them so we went to the opposite end of the “bed”. The “bed” is actually two king size mattresses side by side on the floor. You can easily touch the people on the next mattress over and in practice the two beds are really just one big bed. So by going to the other end of the bed we were actually several feet away.

It was a little bit cold so we covered up with the blanket we brought and did some kissing and touching. After a while one of the youngster couples we had seen last Saturday came into the room and settled on the bed next to us and she began performing oral sex on him. Two other couples soon settled on the bed and began sex play as well. Now there were five couple on the one large bed with the mirrored ceiling over all of us. Jo and I lay on our backs and watched the orgy in the mirror. The three couple in the middle, almost without words, traded positions and partners. After a while I turned my attention to Jo and she became more and more aroused.

We began having intercourse in the missionary position and continued to watch the people on the bed near us. The jumble of people next to us was close enough that a woman’s arm was laying across the calf of one of my legs. And the man next to us asked permission to touch Jo. She told him, “Yes. But we aren’t swapping tonight.” He touched her leg as we continued having sex and once grabbed her breast.

After we had finished we continued to watch the mechanics next to us. One of the women next to us was close enough that Jo asked if she could touch. The answer was, “Yes! Of course!” and Jo stroked her breasts and back.

One couple after another disengaged and wandered off to other areas leaving Jo and I by ourselves in the room. We rested and talked for a while before deciding it was time to go home. We made a tour of the play area and found another large group of people in another group area including some of those that had left the mirror room earlier. But what was interesting it appeared that nearly everyone was with their original partners.

Almost all are the parties are good but every one is different.