Meet and greet

Last night Jo and I went to another meet and greet.

A few days before we sent messages on to the people on the RSVP list who we thought might be interesting. We told them were were interested and requested face pictures so we could recognize them. They all complied.

At the actual event the more interesting details were the following:

  • The couple we were most interested in didn’t seem very interested in us.
  • One couple we immediately knew were of no interest to us chatted to us long after Jo disengaged and was talking to someone else and I had said things I like, “It was nice talking to you, thanks for stopping by our table.”
  • One couple who contacted us before the event and then the day before confirmed they would see us never made contact even though we were plain sight just inside the entrance.
  • We spent almost all of our time with people we knew from before the event.

We talked, danced, kissed, and fondled our friends Jack and Danielle, Calvin and Jerri, and Jeff and Mindy. We met a new couple which hung out with us for quite a while and Jack and Calvin both spent a lot of time kissing and fondling the female half. I talked to her and thought she was nice but I didn’t care for the male half and Jo felt the same.

Probably the most interesting part of the evening was that Jo announced she was going to go kiss Jeff to see if he showed potential as a sex partner. She spent quite a bit of time doing that and came back to our table to report he, “Definitely passed.”

Later Mindy told me that Jeff would be calling me to set up a play date between the four of us.

It wasn’t quite as productive as the previous meet and greet at the same location but it was worthwhile attending.