Condo weekend

Jo and I rented a condo next to the ocean for the weekend and two other couples went with us. These was Calvin and Jerri and Trevor and Kathleen.

I had told Jo that these type of events are my favorite. With my ex-wife I had many of these to various places like resorts at National Parks and even just an ordinary hotel in town with big beds. Jo was a little nervous about it. But I think it might have been because of issues of hosting friends when she was married to her ex. If things didn’t go just perfect he would get upset.

We went hiking on the beach with our friends and if anyone had been watching closely I’ll bet they would have been confused. We mixed up the pairings as we walked. We held hands with the spouses of other couples and sometimes the women were hugging and kissing. It was great fun and helped break the ice a little bit. Neither of the other two couples had met before so it was particularly important for them to get to know each other. Jo and I were pretty sure they were compatible and it turns out we were correct.

Calvin and Kathleen and Jerri and I used the Murphy bed in the living room together while Jo and Trevor used one of the bedrooms. I wanted to be in the other bedroom with Jerri but she said she and Calvin never play apart. The Murphy bed was a little small and it was crowded on the bed. I wasn’t able to get a full erection and although Jerri was really nice about it things just didn’t go as well as I would have liked.

My favorite part was the next morning. Jo got up and went to the kitchen to get some food. I stayed in bed for a while reading blogs on my phone. Pretty soon the door opened and Kathleen walked in were just her robe. She asked if it was alright if she joined me. Of course it was! We had a really nice time together.

After we were done and talked and cuddled for a while we took a shower together and went into the kitchen to help with breakfast. It turns out it was Trevor’s idea for Kathleen to come into my bedroom. He and Jo were getting very “heated up” in the kitchen while everyone else was still in bed. So he suggested Kathleen join me in my bedroom so he and Jo could have the Murphy bed in the living room.

Another wonderful weekend get away. It was one of Jo’s better lifestyle experiences as well as mine.