Dinner and desert

Jeff and Mindy invited us to dinner on Saturday night. We brought a bottle of wine and sipped wine while taking and waiting for dinner to complete. They are quite pleasurable to talk to and we had a great conversation all through dinner.

After dinner they wanted to do Karaoke. They have the equipment in their living room and apparently do this frequently. Jo and I don’t do Karaoke. Any attempt to do so would have probably caused the cats to attempt fleeing the house, neighbors to call the police, and our hosts to ask us to leave.

Jeff and Mindy demonstrated they can sing without any danger of arrest or cruelty to animals and we applauded them. Mindy disappeared to change clothes and came back wearing lingerie and sang another song, announcing that, “This is the last one, because Bob and I are exiting after I finish this one.” She sang her song, received her well deserved applause and came over to me. I stood kissed her and we headed off to the bedroom. I looked behind me was we left the room and saw that Jo and Jeff were deep into a kiss of their own.

Mindy and I had a great time in bed together. Of all the different women I have had sex with, all the people I have talked about sex, and all the reading I have done I have never experiences, seen, or heard of something Mindy had done. She had put powdered sugar on her genitals! When I went down on her it was very sweet. This was dessert.

Jo and Jeff were in a different bedroom but probably an hour after we departed the living room they joined us in the room Mindy and I were in. We all lay around in bed talking and cuddling for another hour or so before we Jo and I went home, then had sex again as Jo told me the details of her sex with Jeff. We went to sleep and then had sex again the next morning.