You’re doing it wrong

From the New York Post:

The wild night began Saturday in a tavern in College Point, Queens, where boat owner Craig Gallo, 51, James Benenato, 60, and Mary Ann Belson, also 60, began chatting between drinks, another source said.

Neither of the two men had met Belson before.

Gallo, who lives in New Jersey and works for a financial company on Long Island, invited them aboard for a moonlight cruise. And before very long, the boat was rocking.

The joyride ended abruptly at the end of Runway 22, where the boat got impaled on a lighting stanchion.

Before the wreck, “a consensual three-way sex endeavor was going on,’’ the source added.

“There’s a moral here: If you’re feeling amorous aboard a boat, I suggest you drop your anchor before you drop your pants.’’

I’ve participated in more MFM threesome than I can enumerate without making the news. These people were doing it wrong.

I was amused

A librarian in the mid-west I know says they frequently have to chase creepy guys out of the library who come in and masturbate while using the computers to view porn. When you think about it makes a certain amount of sense that under certain circumstances someone might go to the library to view porn.

Hence it was with more than the obvious amusement factor that I saw this entry when I was reviewing the log files for this blog and found this for an entry in the month of June:

69 requests by from

“” is the Seattle Public Library.