She said I’m a great kisser!

Saturday Jo and I went to our usual club. I had family obligations late that afternoon and we arrived after dinner was essentially over. Thus we missed out on getting a table with the people of our choice. We ended up sitting with a couple that we believed to be new to the club. They were nice looking but perhaps a little bit too young to be interested in us.

The evenings entertainment started before we really had much time to talk to them. The first part of the entertainment was the “birthday chairs” for everyone with a Gemini horoscope. Jo qualified and decided she would participate just to “advertise” ourselves some since we were so late in arriving.

The people with qualifying birthdays are put in chairs in the middle of the dance floor and then everyone who wants to wish them a happy birthday comes up and gives them a hug, kiss, or ‘whatever they mutually agree upon’. I’ve never been interested in participating either as the “birthday boy” or as a well wisher. I’m a little too shy and I a little picky about the people I kiss but Jo decided to try it this time. She was just afraid no one would give her any attention. Wrong!

Jo got lots of attention. A line formed up in front of her chair. Numerous men and women gave her kisses and hugs. She felt good about the experience. She liked the attention and it gave her ego a boost. We haven’t been very successful at the club for a while and getting attention from others was nice.

The live band started and it was difficult to talk to anyone so Jo and I danced with each other for a while. Kim danced with us for a while. Tom and Mary danced next to us with Tom giving Jo some special attention and that was nice. But  we didn’t see anything that would develop into some playtime with others for us as a couple. The new couple at our table seemed a little uncomfortable and appeared to get their bag and coat in preparation to leave and then watched people dancing for quite a while. I was tempted to talk to them but the music was loud enough to inhibit that so finally Jo and I went to the play area by ourselves.

We “bumped into” a woman near the dressing room who gave Jo a big smile and told her she was a great kisser. She was one of the women you gave Jo a kiss while she was in a birthday chair. This was a big deal to Jo. She mentioned it a couple more times in the following days and suggested it as a title for this blog post. I readily agreed because I was thinking the same thing.

We ended up in the mirror room next to another couple. They might have been okay playmates but they didn’t seem to even notice us so we just played with each other. We ended up leaving kind of early and were home in bed having sex with each other before midnight. Then we had sex again, twice, in the morning as we “slept in”.