We’ll have to try this

This sounds interesting:

there’s a lot of individual variability and some men and women like other positions (e.g., rear-entry, side by side, etc.), so I guess the real question is how do we define the “best” sexual position? Some might argue that the best position is one in which both partners reach orgasm at the same time. If we go with that definition, then the position of choice would probably be the coital alignment technique (CAT). The CAT has been studied extensively by scientists since the 1980s, and research has found that it significantly increases the likelihood of female orgasm during intercourse and enhances the odds of simultaneous orgasm.

think of the CAT as a modified missionary (i.e., man-on-top) position in which he leans his body forward to the point where the base of his penis touches the clitoris. The partners then “grind” or rock their pelvises back and forth so that his penis and her clitoris stay in constant contact. This stands in stark contrast to the typical in-and-out thrusting that you see in porn.

I frequently do put effort into getting the base of the penis to make contact with the clitoris but I hadn’t thought about doing the grinding motion to maintain contact. Jo and I will have to try this and see if we can make it work.