Not tonight, I have a headache

Last night we went to our usual club. We sent a message to Alex and Alice telling them we would be there and would like to see them again. We had met them at the Meet and Greet at the end of March.

We found them shortly after arriving and had dinner with them. Alice told us she was getting a migraine but she continued to talk and we all hit it off well. We talked about a variety of things and we seemed to each find our new friends outside interests and jobs fascinating. They had been members of the club for several years but hadn’t attended in a couple years. I didn’t recognized them but that wasn’t too surprising because I almost always used to attend on Wednesday and they always attended the Saturday parties.

After dinner we moved to the hot tub. I sat next to Alice and Jo sat next to Alex. Alex and Jo almost immediately began touching each other and before there were some kisses. Alice and I were still talking with only some incidental touching of legs and feet. She was clearly aware of what was going on between Alex and Jo but there didn’t seem to be any interest on her part for similar things to be going on between us. There was some quiet talking between Alex and Jo and things cooled down a little bit. Alice continued to be friendly but without expressing opening to being touched. Finally she said that Alex didn’t need to wait for her and Jo explained either we (Jo and I) both play or neither play.

Alice said she really wasn’t feeling well. Her head hurt badly and it would be impossible for her to get excited. I told her it was fine. I understood.

Barb and I stayed in the hot tub for a few minutes longer talking to them and engaging in a little touching with them, then kissed them good-bye and went to the play area to have sex with each other.